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Marlyn Butchins

A Chuppah handcrafted with love...

for love

I love Jewish weddings: everything about them brings a lump to my throat; 

breaking the glass, the Sheva Brachot, the Ketubah.

But one other element gives me an extra tingle:

the Chuppah

which epitomizes your love, symbolizes the home you will build together

and adds so much character and style to your wedding! 

That's why I decided to offer my handcrafted Chuppah designs for couples

on their special day, to give it the touch of grace and beauty it deserves.

Discuss additional accessories with me...I have loads of ideas.

Choose an original design from my range 

of unique Chuppot for your ceremony.

I'll take care of everything: deliver, set up and take away.

All you have to do is be there,

under the Chuppah with your beloved. 

Purchase a specially created, artistically designed Chuppah

to keep as an heirloom - a personalized, memorable work of modern Judaica fabric art to hand down through the family,

or to convert into a wall-hanging or bed quilt as a lifelong reminder of your special day. Add family names, messages

or even photographs.

Let’s work together to tell your family’s story in a totally unique and personal way.

Looking for a unique and meaningful wedding gift? Or is there a special wedding anniversary coming up in your family? 25th, 40th, 50th - …more?

Have a handcrafted TREE OF LIFE HERITAGE CHUPPAH from Chuppah Craft as a symbol of enduring love, a unique history of the family, and a living narrative to pass on through the generations.

...and discover my world of unique handmade quilts

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