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When I made the chuppah for my elder daughter's wedding, I didn't realize quite how emotional the experience would be. Seeing her happiness under the chuppah I had made with love, was highly charged and moving.

So I decided to transfer those feelings into my art chuppot for other couples to experience. Now you can select a designer chuppah from my range

to add that extra touch of beauty and romance to your special day.

All About Me

Marlyn Butchins
Chuppah Creator
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I have been quilting in Israel since 2003 and specialize in creating vibrantly colored quilts from thousands of pieces of material sourced from some of the world's leading fabric designers, from recycled denim jeans, and cast-off shirts.

I believe that every quilt has a story and I have lectured around Israel telling their stories. My quilts have been featured in exhibitions in Israel and I was Chairperson of the Accent Quilters Guild for five years.

My first chuppah was for my elder daughter's wedding in 2009 - it was later used for my son's wedding, and the weddings of friends and other family members.

Developing my handcrafted range from my home studio has been a delight. I want to add flair and beauty to a magical day.

I'm originally from Central Africa (Zimbabwe) and have lived in Israel since 1987.

Other stuff I do

I have one absolute rule - EVERYTHING must be 100% cotton. Here is a selection of some of the stuff I've done...

Oh, and I'm also 100% kitty friendly!

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