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Planning a wedding is stressful; it’s challenging, it’s tough work – many people say if you can survive planning a wedding as a couple, then it’s good training for anything else life will throw at you in your married life.

Well, let’s not get too serious about it. It’s also supposed to be exciting and thrilling and fun – just like the rest of your life should be. And it can be if you keep a few things top of mind:

There are actually two aspects to a wedding. It’s really like a military operation.

There’s the “tactical” – things that actually need to be done – order this, order that, confirm this, confirm that, book this, book that.

And then there’s the “strategic” – or what I prefer to call the “creative”, fun side of things.

The look and feel:

The style of event you want: lavish, in a wedding hall with just 600 or 700 of your closest friends; or something really small and intimate – in a forest, on the beach, in the desert, or in mom’s backyard; keeping your numbers down in the double figures if you can.

This certainly seems to be the trend in Israel, as the idea of big flashy weddings costing gazillions of shekels – which could be put to much better use for your future – is becoming less and less popular.

You can let your imagination run wild here: do you really need that white tulle designer wedding dress? If you want it, go for it…sure. But maybe something ethnic, earthy, more “roots” based? Must it be white, could it be multi-colored, denim? Could the groom wear shorts!!! Heaven forfend – but think – if it’s a summer wedding, why not some smart Bermudas, a light white linen suit, even jeans – yes they can also be very stylish.

See what I mean? It no longer has to be the traditional stiff, formal attire our parents and grandparents were used to. Of course, if you want to go totally retro, that can also be fun – top hat and tails, a beautiful 1920’s style dress, and everything else can follow along.

But whatever you decide, plan carefully – map out everything you need to do, working backwards from the big day to the present. Draw up a spreadsheet, and a time-line. Give yourself a few days between each milestone and then add another day or two for cushion time. Also make sure you add in who is responsible for what. For example:

Ceremony – 8:00 pm on Thursday, “Day 0” Countdown e. g.– 240 days Who: All

Finalize catering – Day minus 7 Countdown.– 233 days Who: Anna

Final dress fitting – Day minus 14 Countdown – 226 days Who: Anna

Final guest list – Day minus 30 Countdown – 210 days Who Yaniv

Invitations – Day minus 60…and so on and on until right up to …today.

Now, I’m not suggesting that this is the list you must use. It’s just an idea. You’ll fill in your own milestones and things to achieve. I’m just recommending that doing it like this will keep you on track and focused.

And, don’t forget the important things that just seem to be there without anybody really thinking or talking about them. One of those elements is the chuppah itself. Where does it come from? The wedding planner? The events hall? Great-grandad’s tallit. It’s somehow one of the last things on the list. Don’t let it be. A chuppah can be a part of your creative input as well. Consider a one-of-a-kind, beautifully handcrafted chuppah reflecting your style and personality. You can have a chuppah made especially for you – bearing the names of your family, messages, photographs, family tree – or you can hire one from a range of unique handcrafted designs.

What we’re saying is, don’t leave it until the last thing on your list. Contact us to provide it, and THEN you can forget about it…until you’re standing under it, with all the grace, beauty and significance it denotes for your future home and your love.

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